Monday, July 18, 2016

Was Orlando a Prophetic Warning to the United States?

On June 15, a friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page:

  1. Singer Christina Grimme from The Voice shot dead in Orlando.
  2. Massacre of 50 people at a night club in Orlando.
  3. Alligator eats baby at Disney World in... you guessed it, ORLANDO!

I generally don’t pay attention to the news.  I understand the times in which we live, and so it’s rare that I’m ever shocked by what I hear.  But here’s what I do remember thinking:

... I don’t know who Christina Grimmie is.
... I don’t care too much for Muslims or gays (their behavior, to clarify).
... And how tragic it must have been for the parents of that boy.

That was pretty much it... until I read my friend’s post.  Seeing them listed 1-2-3 and realizing they all occurred in Orlando suddenly piqued my interest.  Here’s why:
  • ... I know that words have meaning;
  • ... I know that God works in patterns and principles; 
  • ... I know that God often speaks to us using symbolism or symbolic language;
  • ... and since God is a living God, I know that he often speaks to us through everyday events, including the evening news.

I wondered if God was trying to communicate something more, and so I did a little digging.  Here’s a few basic facts before proceeding.    

  1. Christina Grimmie was shot on Friday June 10, but died on Saturday June 11.  She was 22.
  2. The killing of gays at the Pulse nightclub occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday June 12.
  3. The boy killed by the alligator took place at Disney World on Tuesday June 14; his body was recovered (intact) on June 15.

Knowing what I knew about God (Ps. 103:7), I discovered the following:

  • "Orlando" means "Famous Land."
  • "Christina" means "follower of Christ" and "Grimmie" means "dark" or "nasty.”  And remember, she’d been a contestant on The Voice.  
  • Pulse nightclub – a pulse is a measure of the heart; i.e., God knows our sin even when we try and hide it (night-club).     
  • Disney World – all about fun.
  • Child – our nation; or, that which we claim to treasure most.
  • Alligators – these are scripturally ‘unclean’ animals.  In water (as this alligator was), they’re seldom or barely seen, and so the full extent of their ‘uncleanness’ isn’t known until they attack.  And when they do, it’s quick and vicious and they quickly retreat and hide until the next opportunity presents itself.  And in the context of this story, does it not fit the modus operandi of Muslims and homosexuals? 

To begin, I believe this is for all of America.

  1. All three events were reported in the national news.
  2. All three events were centered in Orlando, which is a symbolic reference to all America because for many decades America has been the “Famous Land” or the “Orlando” of the world.
  3. All three events served as witnesses of what was happening in Orlando, that Famous Land, which means that it’s indeed going to happen (two or more witnesses; Dt. 19:15).
  4. But, this is for two distinct audiences within “Orlando.”  

To God’s people: the story of Christina Grimmie’s death is a message to the Church.  Also remember that chronologically, it was the first news story (1 Pet. 4:17).  It’s as if God was saying,  

You are my people (Christina).  But you’ve so soiled yourself with sin (Grimmie) that you’re influence upon this earth is virtually nonexistent (no Voice).  Your time on this earth will therefore soon come to an end (Rapture).    

Note that this isn’t a good thing.  Very little of what the Church does today has anything to do with the God of the Bible.  ‘Chris-lam’ is sweeping our churches as is tolerance of homosexuals.  So Jesus isn’t returning because the world is so ungodly, he’s returning because the Church of the Bible is so ineffective.            

To the United States:  

Your fun times are over (Disney World).  Your nation (child) will soon be overcome by a known but seldom seen enemy that will arise from within your own borders (alligators).  And because you’ve failed to destroy them, I will allow them to destroy you!  And so thorough will be your destruction that no one will want to come and visit your once “Famous Land” (Orlando) anymore!  

In the context of these events, God seems to be saying that judgment is coming upon America because of its tolerance of Muslims and homosexuals.  But in a final thought, this all occurred over the course of six days (June 10-15).  “Six” in the Bible is man’s number.   And so it seems that God is saying that the age of man will soon be over; or at least, the “age of man” as it exists in the United States.  Selah.       

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